AIKOH Force/Load Testers

A long-stroke automatic test stand dedicated to RZ Series & SX Series This is a reasonable test stand that is suitable for tests of specimens of large size and long test stroke. When used together with RZ Series or SX Series, such operations are possible as overload monitoring and automatic stop and reversing when the load set in RZ Series or SX Series is reached. For combining this stand with RZ Series or SX Series, please use an optionally available RZ-OP l/RZ 0P-2 for RZ Series or SX-0P-1 for SX Series
Desk-top type Testers


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  • Bench Type Simple Tester
  • Desk-top type Testers
  • Wire Harness Withdrawal Force Tester
  • Vertical & Horizontal Manual Stand
  • Vertical & Horizontal Motorized Stand
  • and more