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NEW ! Rockwell Innovative Automatic Tester


  • One touch, easy hardness measurement
  • All testing cycle (Pre. test force – Test force – Release force) can be easily done only by touching the start button of a touch panel.
  • Closed-loop test force control ( with load cell )
  • Test force is controllable with high precision from the output of a load cell.
  • Feedback control controls the vibration from the outside.
  • Test methods
    Full-scale Rockwell hardness testing and Brinell hardness testing (only load) can be done.
  • Variable test force
    The variable test force function can change pre. test force at a 100gf step from 29.42N to 98.07N (3kgf to 10kgf), and it can change test force power at a 0.9807N(100gf) step from 147.1N to 1840N (15kgf to 187.5kgf).
  • Top surface based measurement
    Top surface based can be measured compared with the conventional bottom surface based, without being subject to the influence of a specimen bottom.
  • LED indicator
    LED indicator is displayed so that LED may flow during operation. Operation of a testing machine can check easily.
  • Light weight & Compact
    The optimal design realized the light weight and the compact. Operation of the testing machine which was difficult until now can also be performed easily.
  • Windows8.1 tablet PC
    In addition to operation of a testing machine, Windows8.1 tablet PC realizes many functions, such as data processing, printing, and connection with a network.


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  • One touch, easy hardness measurement
  • Closed-loop test force control ( with load cell )
  • Test methods
  • and more